Anyone else exhausted? I know every time I sit down to pray, I lose focus or am interrupted. This is especially true for me when I attempt to say the Rosary! It is a favorite prayer, as I love the feel of the beads in my hand and the familiar sounds of an ancient prayer drawing me closer to our Blessed Mother so we can together contemplate the face of Christ. Ever since Lent over a decade ago though (ha! pun was NOT intended!), when I tried to make it a practice to say a rosary nightly before bed, I fall asleep before I can finish. Lo siento, Mama Mary. Lo siento, Jesus. 

The Rosary is our family go-to prayer as well. For over three years now, we have been offering a Family Rosary on Sundays for the intentions of our friends and those who hit us up on social media for prayer. It is humbling, eye-opening, and such a privilege. Our children join in many times, though their antics get squirrely as they grow a little older. 

Between eyes falling shut and kids flailing about, what's a mama to do?!? I've got some great news for you! There are other women out there who share in our struggles. Through their own journeys, they've developed some creative items to help us in our quest to pray without ceasing. In no particular order, here. we. go!


The Rosary Bracelet with Counting Charm from Chews Life Shop

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These beautiful bracelets (and this mission one is my particular favorite) are both fashionable AND functional. Born out of Shannon's own frustration with getting pulled away or distracted from her prayer, she created these bracelets with a counting charm. Just place it where you left off, and then you can pick it back up again once you have a minute. Brilliant, no?


Rosary Roses from Annery's Handmade

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These cute crocheted roses were created by Annie to help little hands keep focused while praying. They come with the cutest drawstring bags because Annie has an eye for fun and quirky fabric! Also, if thrown, there is little damage to heads, walls, or furniture! No, I'm not speaking from experience.....


Kitchen Rosaries from Sweet Oak Gallery

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These abacus style rosaries made by Lauren can be placed in your kitchen, or really anywhere in your home, to help you keep track of your rosary through the day. They come in a variety of sweet designs, but I think this one is my favorite since I like to offer my rosary for people who have asked our prayers. Given my prayer list, I'm going to need Lauren to come make me a wall-sized rosary! Yikes!


Soul Core Rosary DVDs

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Can I be completely honest? Prayer isn't the only thing that gets swept under the rug when life gets busy (always). Exercise is a rare unicorn in these parts too. This is why I love the idea of SoulCore! Begun by Colleen out of her own personal tragedy, and her friend Deanne, Soul Core offers an opportunity to strengthen the core of our spirit and body. As they write on their website, " SoulCore is truly an invitation to the world, to integrate body & soul in prayer while discovering the beauty of the rosary; a gentle path to grow in virtue and interior peace. " Now I just need to crack open that DVD! Oops.


Handmade Rosary Hangers from yours truly

Because the Rosary is so special, it seems we accumulate them by the handful. Once people know you're Catholic, it's kind of an easy go-to gift for all occasions too. After we had kids, it seemed like our rosaries kept ending up in little hands and breaking. That's what inspired me to make our first Rosary Hangers. I'm working on some new designs for the Fall Release in October, but there are a few still available in the shop! They're custom made so allow a week or two for them to arrive. 

So tell me, do you have a favorite go-to prayer? Do any of these prayer resources strike your fancy? 

Until next time, grab your rosary, be a star, and light the darkness!