Hey y'all!

TODAY is my birthday! Just to be sure that no one is misinformed about my age, my daughter has been proudly and loudly annoucing it to all who will listen. "MOM! YOU ARE GOING TO BE 42! That's old." Yes dear. Yes it is. So honor this old lady when she asks you to listen.

The older I get, the less I really care to celebrate my birthday. There is little I need, and those things I do need are hardly birthday gift material. This year, though, I do have one big wish. For my old-as-dirt-42nd birthday, I hope you will all check out the nearly 40 ways you can help me celebrate. 

Today, the Zelie & Co. Weekly Auction is a Charity Auction for survivors of Hurricane Harvey. We have nearly forty incredible artists who have joined together in hopes of raising some considerable dough to help out our friends in Texas. So, come shop with me today? This old lady would love it! Here is a sneak peek of some of the items:

Do you have a favorite? Be sure to stop on over to the Zelie & Co. Instagram Feed to check them out and shop for a good cause!

Until next time, be a star and light the darkness!

XOXO Rakhi